1. Current state of mind: happy, confused, laughing.

  2. Consider this a #tbt on Sunday. Remember this @vj30yang? Miss this.


  3. Ooops uncontrollable giggles and pounding head and can’t concentrate on words and also mistakenly tipsy texting

  4. Serious eye make up means tonight is gonna be some serious business.


  6. IF YOU’RE SELF CONFIDENT ENOUGH TO BRING YOUR DOG ON A FIRST DATE…YOU WILL GET A SECOND DATE. Deal. This dog has an Instagram with more followers than me :x

  7. :x


  8. Help me.
    What do I wear on a first date to say the following things:
    - I’m classy and elegant, but also sometimes silly.
    - I like to have a fun time, but don’t want to get into bed with you right now.
    - Please excuse me while I ignore you and play with your puppy for a few minutes.
    - I ain’t desperate. Impress me. Be a gentleman.

  9. Good morning! :)


  10. I haz first date jitters :x


  11. // Selected quotes from today’s conversation with Wes:

    "I just ran 2 miles."

    "Running hurts me."

    "We should take before pictures."

    "I’m too embarrassed."

    "Hey look here’s the Instagram of the guy I’m talking to on CMB."

    "He’s buff. He looks like he could rip me apart."

    "Yeah, totally my type."

    "Your type is tall athletic Asian dude?"


    "Oh check out my friend, he’s like a Taiwanese pop star / break dancer… he’s taken though."

    "Oooh pretty. I want." *touches screen*

    "I feel dirty. Like I traded him."

    "It’s okay, I’ll just admire from afar."


    "I’m making brownies."

  12. I have been exposed to the amazing voice that is Ariana Grande.

    I’ll forever associate this song with a certain person…There’s a whole story behind it, and I’m still debating if I want to tell or not. :X

    But man, Ariana…

  13. Happy nomming!

  14. This is how we study in psychiatry.


  15. Anonymous said: I'm currently an RN student and life is crazy busy hectic all the time. When I get overwhelmed, I think about you for motivation and how you are even busier but still go through life with grace and elegance. Keep on kicking butt little lady :~)

    "Grace and elegance*"

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Best compliment a woman can get.

    And also “kicking butt”. YAY