1. I’m pretty sure the experience of eating is what makes food so addicting. #shabuinmybelly

  2. One of my favorite Youtube artists. 

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  3. girlwiththegoldencrown:


    Some motivation from the doctor.

    I definitely needed this right now!

    Thank’s doc. *Edit: OMG I’ve been in the hospital for so long today….oops.

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  4. :)

  5. One of the most in-sync teams I’ve ever had the pleasure to play with. I love being setter and sorry in advance if I boss you around on the court. #tallguysmakesiteasier #andperfectpasses


  6. Step 1 to having a good day: get out of bed. Unless there’s someone in bed with you, in which case, you can skip all the steps.


  7. Today I…

    • Woke up to tipsy texts.
    • Played volleyball for 8 hours.
    • Soaked in a bath tub.
    • Took a nap.
    • Painted my nails.

    Productivity at its finest.


  8. persevere-and-thrive said: Hello Vivian! I am a long time follower, and I really enjoy your blog. I know that you and your boyfriend broke up awhile back, and my boyfriend of 4.5 years and I just broke up a few weeks ago (he is in medical school, I'm in grad school but also applying to medical school). I am by no means ready to move on just yet, but I saw that when you were ready to start dating you gave online dating a try. Are there any good online dating websites that you recommend that might yield promising men? :)

    Hello love, I’m so sorry to hear about your breakup. I think I’ve written a post or two about it, but I’ll repeat again, You are the sun, take your time, love yourself :) In terms of online dating sites… I’ve founds most success on CoffeeMeetsBagel. I think the primary reason I’ve connected with guys better on this site is because they’re in the same social circles as me, so we have similar interests and more things to talk about. The only other ones I’ve tried are OKCupid and Tinder, which haven’t yet resulted in good dates haha :) I hope this helped lovely. Sending you light and love!

  9. Mini dance party with casuallyjacked. Who wants to in?!


  10. The worst part of going out of the house is that part when I have to put on clothes.

  11. Psychiatry #snackbreak.

  12. Good things come in 3s.


  13. Current state of mind: happy, confused, laughing.

  14. Consider this a #tbt on Sunday. Remember this @vj30yang? Miss this.


  15. Ooops uncontrollable giggles and pounding head and can’t concentrate on words and also mistakenly tipsy texting