1. Evolution of #studyspace through the day. Library: coffee, coconut water, water. Home: fudge pop.


  2. // Form follows function


    One of the vital things yoga has taught me is that form follows function. That is, every posture has a specific function - to stretch the hamstrings, to activate the back. On the superficial level, we approach that posture attempting to copy the beautiful form. Hand is exactly two inches from the foot, knee is bent 90 degrees. However, once we really get to know the posture, it changes us. Things loosen, deepen, open. A whole new perspective of that posture is available to us, and we can only explore the second dimension if we abandon the previous “perfect form” and aim for function instead. A wide legged forward fold becomes a standing turtle pose. Crow pose becomes crane pose becomes a handstand becomes a scorpion, because we allow ourselves to play, explore, and drop the rigid, breathless box that held us in crow originally.

    The same principle applies in life. Form follows function. What is something that you are holding on to because you have imagined and attained the perfect form, but didn’t allow yourself to really truly master the function? Get rid of the outer shell. Go deeper into your art, your work, yourself. Form follows function.

  3. 2.3 miles, 21:50 minutes, sunset run but still hot. I was that weird lady plodding by the elementary school where all the kids are zooming past and running circles around me. Also ran by a cemetery, three churches, a grocery store, a Starbucks, two liquor shops, and a Best Buy.


  4. The only thing getting me out the door for a run today is the fact that I can watch a TV show and eat dinner afterwards. I’ve already used up all my excuses… Now there’s none left. Sooooo it’s run time.


  5. "Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true."
    — Leon J. Suenes
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  6. Anonymous asked: How much coffee do you drink daily? Sometimes I start skipping out on sleep because it keeps me that "false" energy but I am being better about it!

    On average, probably 0.25 small coffees a day? I don’t drink coffee everyday because it gives me acid reflux >

  7. Waffles for mid-study-day-break dinner at #Bruxie. Thank you universe for cream geese and dill.


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  9. I really should be doing something productive like cooking for the week or laundry or cleaning my apartment. Instead, I’m sitting on my couch watching just one more study videos. Yes, I’m at the point in my life when I study to procrastinate on real-life adult things. In other news, I haven’t left my apartment in two days. What is the outside world up to?


  10. Avo is so ridiculously good. Why. Yum. Ugh. Love.


  11. Cloudy is the worst kind of day. You spend all day waiting for the sun to peek through, and half the time you’re under the wrong damn cloud.

  12. Breakfast, lunch (with The Voice), and dinner, and happy vibes from hanging out with friends at late night Mexican restaurants which aren’t very healthy but super fun after all day studying.

  13. Super overpriced study space at Starbucks. Not amused.

  14. My family, especially my mother, is very invested in Mr. Hummingbird.

  15. I’ve been practicing my yoga a bit differently recently. 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes at night. I always make sure to have the ritual of rolling and unrolling my mat before and after practice rather than just leaving my mat out. It’s different than an hour or hour and a half class at a studio (which I’m still craving). I’m definitely more focused on breath since I know I’m not going to get into the advanced asanas. I’m doing it solely to breath and honor myself and the day ahead or the day past. Gets me out of bed in the morning and puts me to sleep at night. No frills or egos, just my breath and my mat. Love in and out.