1. Be your own happiness.

  2. Mi hermanita is so beautiful and this picture makes my heart swell with so much love

  3. Canoe adventure in Lake Sammamish!

  4. Hello British Columbia, Canada! Wobbly bridge on #CapilanoSuspensionBridge.

  5. Seattle sunshine.


  6. Anonymous said: Hey Vivian, have you had any success with paid dating sites like match or eharmony? How do you like sites like okcupid? I heard it's all perverts on okcupid haha.

    Hi anon! I have not tried a paid dating site yet. I figure I should try all free avenues before shelling out money. So far Ive only done online dating, but I’m thinking about branching out a little to blind dates, group dates, picking up random guys on the street outside of a law school…. KIDDING! Also, OKC does have a lot of perverts, but as someone told me, you have to sift through the sand to find gold. Plus, guys are horny in real life, too, just not as obvious about it because they can get physically slapped. Whereas on a computer screen, they will just get blocked. I block more than 50% of guys who message me…
    Hope this helps :)


  7. ir0n-goddess said: i laughed out loud when i read your description "doing medical school in my free time" AH

    It’s accurate, no? ;)


  8. Anonymous said: Hey Vivian, haha I just read your post on TInder, so funny :) Have you gone on any dates with the guys on there? I'm also wondering, do you have any funny dating stories to tell? Worst dates? Best dates? Creepy dates? Love from Paris - J

    Hey J,
    I have not been in dates on Tinder… I haven’t even entered it since the first swiping session! Hahaha.
    As for date stories… I’ve been on 5 first dates, and a follow up 2,3,4,5th date with one guy in particular. Thankfully there haven’t been any really creepy or disastrous dates (although now that I think about it, I have a pretty high tolerance of awkwardness, so my date might have been super awkward and I was just sitting there stuffing my face). There was one guy who admitted to being intimidated within the first 10 minutes… Maybe it was my dress? I did look pretty good in it….
    I’ll try to write some posts in the near future about specific dates. Hopefully they’ll be more funny than mean!


  9. Anonymous said: Hey Vivian been following your blog for over a year now. I really love your minimalist healthy approach to tackling every day life. Keep up the good work, you're going to be an awesome doctor :). Oh and it's funny you mention not having a "spark" with your recent first date. I expirienced the same thing with someone I dated but I gave him a second chance and now we've happily been together for 3 years. You can't always judge someone from one date. Just me 2 cents. - Jules

    Hi Jules!
    Thanks for your advice, it’s definitely a good point. I guess I always fell in love/lust/like at the first impression, and I automatically friend zoned everyone else… Which is a disservice to me actually. I’ll take it into consideration! I’m so happy you have found a fantastic significant other, and I wish you so much joy :)

  10. Happiness = good book + coffee + adventure time! Edit: + leggings


  11. The exact moment you feel yourself starting to fall and you murmur, “oh… shit”.


  12. I think boys make you take the leftovers home after a date so that you think of them the next day while you’re munching-slash-thinking about texting them.


  13. Anonymous said: Ooooh how was the first date at packing house? I've always wanted to go there, is it good? - Tiff

    Hi Tiff!
    A first date at Packing House is not advised, since the live band is so loud that we had to go outside to actually hear each other. As for my first date… Likely won’t be a second date romantically… Unless he magically becomes a different person on the second date. I’d totally be down for a gym-friend-date though. He’s 6 foot tall with 6 pack abs ;)
    Unfortunately, no sparks.


  14. Anonymous said: Thank you for your advice, we'll see what the future brings :)! I hope you had a great girls night. - Lina

    The future is a scary place, but it’s where we’re all headed… So might as well enjoy it! :) Good luck and please share if you feel like it!


  15. Anonymous said: Wow so funny I was at packing house this weekend too :) which places did you go and how was your date lol? -Jen

    Jen, We went to the Kroft, the sandwich shop downstairs, and PopBar. I want to go back and try the ice cream place with some girlfriends! Where did you go and what so you recommend?!