1. I’ve been practicing my yoga a bit differently recently. 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes at night. I always make sure to have the ritual of rolling and unrolling my mat before and after practice rather than just leaving my mat out. It’s different than an hour or hour and a half class at a studio (which I’m still craving). I’m definitely more focused on breath since I know I’m not going to get into the advanced asanas. I’m doing it solely to breath and honor myself and the day ahead or the day past. Gets me out of bed in the morning and puts me to sleep at night. No frills or egos, just my breath and my mat. Love in and out.

  2. Food! Yeah. Potatoes, turkey burger, avo for breakfast. Boba, kimbap, radish kimchi, seaweed for lunch. Pork chops etc for dinner. Pork chops didn’t turn out so well. Too salty.


  3. Anonymous asked: You're so beautiful. Inside and out.

    Thanks. So are you :)

  4. Another visit from Mr. Hummingbird. Obviously he came at a time when I was so engrossed in my studies… No, actually I’ve been waiting for him the whole morning. He’s a good bird. Daily dose of local wildlife, check!

  5. The food log for today. Plus an orange and a mango and possibly a late night dessert if I make a Target run. Plus a pretty flower, which I didn’t eat :P

  6. Mr. Hummingbird comes to check up on me every 2 hours or so, but I’m worried he might be overeating. I have a problem of being overly enthusiastic when it comes to providing for others stomachs. He’s been consistently coming for the past week, and I know it’s the same bird because he has a white collar and other markings!


  7. soulrunner asked: This is going to be such a random and maybe slightly creepy question: Can you be a mentor/life journey buddy? I'm asking because we have the same life goals to a T (doctor, support family, start an organization/foundation for homeless, volunteer, an instructor, etc.). I've been following the blog for a while, and am amazed by how much you've done, because dang! I've been wanting to achieve that much as well. I'd understand if you can't, but thanks so much for your sharing your life with us! <3

    Uh YES I WILL BE YOUR LIFE JOURNEY BUDDY. But I don’t know how that works, so you have to take the lead. Where do I submit my application? Do I have to write a 500 word essay? Show you my tax forms? Give you my social security number? I would love to be your life buddy. This is what I was made for. Seriously.


  8. Anonymous asked: Hi there, I would like to ask what do you think of a vegan diet? And also what do you typically eat for bfast, lunch and dinner,and that way if you could five me any breakfast and dinner ideas cause you seem to be healthy and all that :). Thank you and hope you have a marvelous day!

    I think the vegan diet is great for some people. It really depends on each individual. Some days I’ll eat completely vegan, other days I’m all paleo. It depends on how I’m feeling! I tend to eat the same thing for a few days, then switch it up when I get sick of it. I still haven’t figured out how to efficiently cook for one person or how to deal with leftovers… Being an adult is hard… :p

    I’ll make more food posts for you, yeah? Thanks for all the questions!


  9. Anonymous asked: That might be the most beautiful thing I've ever read.

    Thanks *heart*


  10. Anonymous asked: Just wanted to let you know that you inspired me to take my husband on an 8 mile walk. What you do matters, keep doing it! Thank you! CG

    Yay! 8 miles is baller, I don’t think I’ve ever walked that far! I hope it was a fantastic walk :) thanks for sharing!

  11. It’s just too hot in my apartment. I wore a bikini around the house while studying all day. Just came back from the pool, where I spent 10 minutes doggie paddling back and forth whilst children all around me splashed back and forth. I don’t want to sound creepy, but can anyone let me borrow their kid when I want to go to the pool not-by myself? I would love to frolic and splash about, but doing that without a play partner is weird.


  12. My gay neighbor is sitting on his balcony with his best OMG girlfriend dishing out life advice and second hand weed smoke if anyone wants to come on by…

  13. Today was a practice Test Day, hence the shell shock face. Score is still inching up, despite being wholly unprepared and unmotivated today. Dinner is a delightful dish I like to call One Pot Leftovers. The flower is the latest addition to my list of Things I Have Kept Alive for More Than a Day. And of course, Pi-Betta is just looking awfully dapper :) And those are all my deepest thoughts for the day!

  14. Happy lunch! Mix and match of 2 slices of bread, half an avo, 1 tomato, 1 egg. And some mango juice. Happy belly :)


  15. // Loneliness

    Loneliness is who we might call a sneaky bitch. A pinch here and there at inopportune moments, but mostly innocuous, and always smiling. Until one day, you look up from your candlelit birthday cake and realize there’s nothing there. Negative space. Outlines. Indentations and impressions and wide open gaps. Your hands, once grasped so tightly around the things you loved most, are empty balls of fist. Loneliness, she languidly glides in with that sneaky smile. She knocks you to the ground with the lightest caress, swiftly kicks stale air clear from your lungs, and leans down from behind long lashes to whisper in your ear, “There is no one left. You burned them all away.”