1. Anonymous said: love your blog!! you're amazing, i started doing yoga only because of you hahaha! my question: i love to run. but i always run in the evenings. but i just can't run in the morning, it seems like i don't have any endurance at all. i get up at like 5.30 am, have a little breakfast (toast, fruit, something like that), wait for at least half an hour after meal and then i try to run but i'm soooo bad at it in the mornings. what can i do? i have more time in the morning so it's a pity i can't run then

    Hi anon!

    (1) Thanks, (2) Thanks, (3) That’s spectacular!!


    (4) Whenever you have time to run is the best time to run :)

    (5) I used to be terrible at running in the mornings. Actually, I wouldn’t call it running. More like stumbling around like I forgot to put my glasses on and had a hangover. Running in the morning is a lot different than running any other time of the day, ‘cause you’re not warmed up physically or mentally. (On a side note, doing yoga in the morning is also different than at any other time of the day.) You’ll initially have to focus on different aspects of the running, like breathing and where you’re placing your feet, rather than time and distance. I mean, you can’t expect to have the same level of fitness just climbing out of bed as later in the day, if you’ve always been training later in the day, eh?

    I’m sure Chris¬†would have more to say about this subject? (He’s a real BA runner… He can knock out 20 miles in one go, and I can hardly run 20 miles in a week! And I imagine he must run early in the morning…)

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